Adding Blocks in Activity Editor

This article show you how to add blocks in the Activity Editor such as: Code Blocks, Quiz Blocks, Text Blocks, and Media Blocks.

How to Add a Code Block

1. Navigate to your Campus Homepage

2. Open the Course you want to add code blocks too

3. Open the Activity

4. Type "/code"

5. Fill in the AI prompt with the code example you want

6. Your AI Generated code appears in your Activity

7.  Select subtype to add:

    • Read only code

    • Manually graded code

    • Manually graded text
    • Auto graded code

    • Static code

8. Change the language you want to  use by opening up the dropdown menu

  • Input Solution code, Test code, and Points in the blocks (where required).

9. Change the Code Block to Static, Read Only, Manual Graded, or Auto Graded

How to add Quizzes?

  1. Type “/quiz” to open quiz options.Add quizzes to activity

  2. Click the "+" icon to open the dropdown and type "quiz" in the search bar to add a quiz.Add quizzes using "+" icon
  3. Select quizzes to add:

    1. Multiple Response

    2. Single Response

    3. True or False

    4. Short answer

    5. Fill in the blank

How to Add Text formats? 

  1. Type “/text” to open text options.Add text using "/"
  2. Click the "Normal Text" icon on the editor to select the type of text.Change text styles
  3. Select subtypes to add:
      • Text

      • H1

      • H2

      • H3

      • Bullet list

      • Ordered list

      • Quote

      • Math Formula
Highlighted Activity Toolbar

How to Add Media?

  1. Type “/” to open the menu options and scroll down to "Media" section to add a media block.Insert media blocks using "/"
  2. Click the "+" icon to open the dropdown and scroll down to "Media" section to add a media block.Using "+" tool to insert media block
  3. Select media to add:
    1. Image block
    2. Embed block
    3. Youtube block