Campus Settings: Branding

The purpose of this article is to guide users how to style their campuses

How to brand the campus?

  1. Campus Settings
  2. Open the "Branding" tab
    1. The Campus Style and Preview are displayed
    2. The Course landing page is selected by default and displayed in the Preview
  3. Click the drop-down menu button in the Preview. Dropdown menu opens. 3 pages are displayed for design:
     - Course Landing Page
     - Emails
     - Log In Page
  4. Style your campus
    1. Favicon
    2. Logotype
    3. Colors
    4. Font
    5. Background image
  5. Save changes

Navigate to Campus Settings

  1. The “Campus Settings” screen is displayed

  2. Branding tab

  3. Style your campus

  4. Click the “Save changes” button

  5. The toast message “Campus styles were updated successfully” is displayed