Campus Settings: Domain

This article explains how to set and manage Campus Domain

How to set up a Campus Subdomain?

  • Scenario 1
    On the Setup account screen during registration (see How to Sign up? )

  • Scenario 2
    Creating a new campus with a subdomain:
    1. Click on the campus name in the sidebar
    2. Click the "+ Create Campus" button

  • Scenario 3
    Editing a campus subdomain:
    1. Campus settings
    2. Select the "Domain" tab

How to set up a Custom Domain?

  1. Campus settings
  2. Select the "Domain" tab
  3. Custom Domain section
  4. Enter custom domain
  5. Click the "Add" button
  6. Copy the CNAME 1 and CNAME 2 and write them into your DNS
  7. Click "Verify" button => Status changed from "Needs manual actions" to the "Pending Verification" and then to "Verified"