Course Settings: Branding

The purpose of this article is to guide users how to style their course landing page

Adjust Branding Settings for Your Campus

1. Navigate to Campus Homepage. Open your web browser and enter the URL for your Campus homepage to start or log in.

2. Once logged in, locate and click on the "Campus Settings" link or icon, found in the sidebar.



3. In the Campus Settings menu, find and click the "Branding" tab to access options for customizing the look of your campus.



4. Open Preview in Branding Settings. Here you are able to choose between branding the Campus Page, Email, and Login.



5. Click the "Edit" button next in branding settings.



6. Updating Logos and Emails. Click the dropdown arrow next to "Logo" under the General settings.



7. Changing colors. Click the dropdown arrow next to "Colors" to change the colors of your pages.



8. Changing fonts. Click the dropdown menu next to "Font" to change the Primary Font settings.



9. Turning off IllumiDesk Branding. Click the toggle switch next to “Hide IllumiDesk Branding” to turn off the branding (available only on Pro Plan and above).



10. Changing images. Click the dropdown menu next to "Image" to change the image displayed on the page and use your own branding.



11. Click the "Branding: Login" dropdown menu to switch between Campus Page, Email, and Login branding options.



12. Click "Browse" to open your local storage device and select the image you want to use.



13. The Campus Page settings are different from the Login and Email pages.



14. In the "Header" section, you can align and change the color of the header by clicking the dropdown menu next to "Header."



15. In the Hero Content dropdown you are able to change the Title, Subtitle, and Button text.



16. The Hero Image section allows you to upload images to be used on your Campus Page.



17. Click "Browse" to open you local storage device and choose the image you would like to upload.



18. Use the "Courses" dropdown to select which courses you want displayed on the Campus Page and to specify the number of courses to show.



19. There is also the option to display the Popular courses on your page, which is based on number of students and engagement



22. Expand the "Footer" dropdown to change the footer color.



23. You have the option to put in a Phone Number, Email, and Address in the footer of the Campus Page.



24. Click "Settings" in the Navigation to go back to the Branding section of the Campus Settings.



25. Click "Save Changes" to update your pages.



26. A toast message is displayed saying "Campus was updated successfully".