What is IllumiDesk

The following article will help users learn more about Illumidesk

IllumiDesk provides a HigherEd solution for content managers and instructors that want to help train the next generation of data-driven professionals. In addition, students are given productivity boosts with in-browser learning environments and enhanced collaboration features. Features include auto-grading for instructors, AI-Driven activity designers for content managers, and ML/DL tutors for students to help organizations achieve their training milestones more effectively at scale. 

Furthermore, with direct integrations with the leading learning management systems in the market, you'll be able to get up and running quickly and easily.


What can I do with IllumiDesk?

IllumiDesk allows teachers, teacher assistants, content creators, and students to seamlessly collaborate

  • Support for multiple languages and frameworks
  • Segregated workspace directories for each student
  • Deep Integration with Canvas LMS grading tools 
  • Interactive Learning Environment and workflow that simulates a classroom
  • Integration with git based repositories that allows for version control of the content
  • AI Assistant that guides Instructors and Content Managers to create content with ease

Who uses IllumiDesk?

  • Teachers who want to augment their courses with an interactive tool that simplifies the creation of content

  • Teachers Assistants that wish to streamline grading and guidance efforts.

  • Students who would like to learn various data-driven subjects hassle-free

  • LMS admin teams who would like to integrate notebook-driven applications into their LMS instance

What sets IllumiDesk apart?

IllumiDesk is hyper-focused on helping students and teachers interact with one another from course content creation to course completion. During this period students can collaborate with their instructors and peers in real-time. Instructors and Companies also have the capability to brand, market, and monetize their course content. 

Our goal is to create a collaborative community where students can learn by doing and for Instructors to engage their students by interacting in an active learning environment.