Grading An Activity Submission

The purpose of this article is to assist instructors in grading an activity

Viewing and Grading Submissions

  • Upon a student submission, the instructor will receive an email notifying them that the activity needs manual grading
  • The instructor can either open the email which will redirect them to the student submission for the instructor to grade.
  • In terms of grading, the instructor can
    • view auto-graded points for a question
    • the number of points the student has earned for the activity
    • set the points for a manually graded question
    • add extra points and deductions to each grading component of the activity
  • The instructor can also add a comment to any graded component block if they wish to share feedback with the student
    • Underneath the graded component block, select Add comment
    • A text box will appear for the instructor to enter the comment
    • Select send after adding a comment
  • The instructor also has the ability to allow for resubmitting by clicking the Allow to Resubmit button
    • this option allows the student to try the activity again and the student will also be able to view the instructor's existing comments
  • Once the Instructor completes grading the activity, they can click the Submit Feedback button to send the feedback to the student
  • After submitting feedback, assuming the activity is linked to Canvas, the Instructor can Sync grades back to Canvas by clicking the Sync with LMS button
  • To view the synced grades in Canvas, navigate to Course->Grades