Import an Activity

This article will show you how to import an activity into the Activity Editor

How to Import an Activity?

  1. Click "Import Activity" button > import activity page is opened, default lesson is selected in     the lessons dropdownImport Activity Button 
  2. Open lessons dropdown and click on the "Create new lesson" button > The "Create lesson"       modal is displayed Import activity -> lesson
  3. Create new lesson > The "Create lesson" modal is closed. The newly created lesson is            added to the lessons list. 
  4. Select the lesson you just created and import an activity
  5. Add your files by selecting the "Browse" button to open the file uploader.Browse - Import Activity 
    1. Note: Your IllumiDesk account currently supports Jupyter Notebooks,                                  Markdown and Microsoft Word files.
    2. We are working diligently to add more file formats to support. 
  6. Select "Upload attachments" to add more files to your New Activity. 
  7. Close the Import Activity page by going back to course lessons page.Import Activity Close Button
  8. A newly imported Activity is displayed in the list.