How to use Discussion Boards

This article shows you how use and manage a discussion

How to add a Discussion Board?

  1. Type "/discussion" in the editor to see the discussion option in the dropdown.Insert discussion by typing "/"
  2. Click the "+" icon to open the dropdown and type "favorite" in the search bar to open favorite prompts.Insert discussion by using "+" icon
  3. Collaboration section
  4. Select Start DiscussionSelecting start discussion
    1. Add title
    2. Add intro
    3. Select "Start discussion" to save.

How to add / edit / delete Thread?

  1. Click Start the discussion.Click Start Discussion
  2. Enter the thread text.Click send, using the pencil and trash icon
    1. Сlick Send
    2. Click the pencil icon to edit the thread
    3. Click the trash icon to delete the thread

How to add / edit / delete Comment?

  1. Click Reply button.Reply, add, edit, and delete comment
    1. Enter the comment text.
    2. Сlick Send.
    3. Click the pencil icon to edit the comment.
    4. Click the trash icon to delete the comment.

* Users can edit and delete their own threads and comments. Instructors can delete threads and comments from other Users

How to add mention?

  1. Add thread or comment.
  2. Enter @ > A list of all course participants is displayed in the dropdown.Tagging users in discussion thread
  3. Select a user to mention > The mentioned user has been successfully notified.
  4. The user can go to the activity by following the link in the notification.Using the bell to see notifications

How to add emoji?

  1. Add Discussion board / Thread / Comment.
  2. Add Title / Thread / Comment  > Save > Emoji icon is displayed.
  3. Click on the emoji icon > A row of 8 emojis is displayed.Click emoji icon to insert emoji
  4. Select an emoji to add > The Selected emoji is displayed.
  5. Click again on the added emoji > Emoji removed.
  6. In Step 3 click on the 3 dots > A pop-up window is displayed with a full list of emoji.
  7. Click on the grey emoji icons to switch between emoji sections > A list of emojis related to a specific section is displayed.
  8. Search emoji by entering text in the "Search emoji" field > The correct emoji(s) are displayed.
    1. The specific section that this emoji belongs to is displayed.
  9. Select emoji in the pop-up > A pop-up is closed. Selected emoji displayed.