Joining a course as a Learner

This tutorial is to guide learners on joining and accessing a course

Joining a Course as a Student

  • When a student is invited, they will get an email.
  • If the user is a new user, they will be required to sign up and create an account using the email address where the course invite email is sent.
  • If the user is an existing user, they will be required to sign in.
  • The user will be redirected to the course with Student level access which allows the following permission.
    • View published activities
    • Complete and submit published activities
    • View feedback for graded activities

Joining a Course In Canvas

Joining a Course as a Student

  • A student will be sent an invitation from Canvas that looks similar to the email below
  • Once you have accepted the invite, you will have Student level access to the course
  • A student can select an assignment from the Assignment button in the side navigation bar. This will redirect them to the assignment for them to complete
  • A student will also have Learner level access to the IllumiDesk course by  selecting the illumiDesk link in the side navigation panel of the course