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Joining a course as an Administrator

This tutorial is to guide administrators on joining and accessing a course

Joining a Course In IllumiDesk

Joining a Course as a Course Administrator

Assuming the administrator has already created a campus, the administrator can join a course when creating the course itself. The course administrator is the person who created the course. Instructors are invited to a course by the course administrator.

  • Navigate to Campus and click the +Create a New Course button
  • On the Create a New Course page, the administrator can invite themselves as either the Student or the Instructor
    •  An administrator who Invites themselves as an Instructor has the following capabilities
      • Create or import an Activity
      • Grade an Activity
      • Provide feedback for submitted activities
      • Invite others to the Course
    • An administrator who invites themselves as a Student has the following capabilities 
      • View published activities
      • Complete and submit published activities
      • View feedback for graded activities