Updating Campus Settings

The purpose of this article is to guide administrators on updating Campus related settings

Each campus will consist of campus settings. Settings are divided into four sections: Campus Details, Integration LTI, Billing, Resources and Branding.

In order to navigate to campus settings, select the Campus Settings option in the side navigation on the left-hand side

Campus Details

In this section, an administrator can update the following

  • Campus Name - Name of the campus
  • Slug
  • Short Intro (optional) - Provide an introduction to your campus which will be reflected in the campus landing page
  • Description (optional) - Provides description of your campus which is reflected in the campus landing page

Integration LTI

This section allows you to integrate the campus with Learning Management Systems. At the writing of this document, IllumiDesk supports the integration with Canvas.

  • Select the +Connect button to add a client ID
  • If the administrator needs to update the client ID, they will have the Edit Client ID button for their LMS
  • If the administrator selects the three ellipses for the LMS LTI integration, they will have the following two options
    • Learn More - redirects you to the LTI Integration article
    • Disconnect - disconnects campus from the selected Learning Management System


Each IllumiDesk Studio Lesson that requires an interactive programming environment will be using CPU and Memory resources. As the campus administrator, you have the ability to set the CPU and Memory Limits that an instructor can set for an IllumiDesk Studio Lesson. 

At the writing of this document, the highest CPU limit a user can set is 12 CPU cores and the highest memory limit a user can set is 20 Gi. 

In a future iteration, IllumiDesk will support GPU limits where campus administrators can select GPU limits for high-performance computing.


Change your Card Details

Change your Subscription Plan


 A campus administrator also has the option to customize their campus and course landing page as well as the invitation emails sent out.

  • Under Campus Settings, select the Customize option on the right-hand side
  • The administrator will be redirected to the Theme Style settings where the instructor can preview their Course Landing Page, Campus Landing Page, and Invitation Email
  • The styling options include
    • Favicon
    • Logotype
    • Primary Colour
    • Primary and Secondary Fonts
    • Background Logo
  • Once the administrator selects save changes, the theme will be reflected as shown below