Create an Activity

This walkthrough is to guide an Instructor in creating a new activity in the IllumiDesk application and Canvas LMS

How to Create an Activity in IllumiDesk Application

  • Navigate to Campus->Course->Lesson to view the Activities List
  • There are two options for creating an activity:
  1. Import Activity - allows you to import an activity from an ipynb file
  2. + Create a New Activity - redirects you to IllumiDesk Studio where the Instructor can add the content of the course

Importing An Activity

  • Selecting Import Activity will redirect you to the Import Activity view
    • Select an ipynb file and optionally upload attachments
    • attachments can include notes or datasets that are related to the activities 
      • NOTE: attachments are stored in the working directory
    • Select Close and you will be able to see your imported activities in your lesson
    • you can now access the imported activity in IllumiDesk Activity Editor and make additional changes

Creating a New Activity

  • Click + Create a New Activity button 
    • By default, the activity will be set to Non Coding activity. This activity type allows you to create activities without an underlying kernel. The underlying kernel allows you to execute code blocks 
    • In order to add coding blocks you have two options
      • Option 1
        1. Click on the dropdown to the left of the current image name in the top right corner
        2. In the Choose Image modal, update to the appropriate image radio button option
        3. Click Save
        4. You will be automatically connected to the correct Image
      • Option 2
        1. After adding the Activity name. you will notice the following prompt; Press ’ / ’ or click ’ + ’ button to create new block 
        2. Press either '/' or click '+' to view the block drop-down

        3. Select the Code Block in the dropdown 
        4. The Choose Image modal will appear for you to select the appropriate image radio button option for your activity
        5. Click Save
        6. You will be automatically connected to the correct Image

Adding Component Blocks to Activity

An activity will be composed of component blocks. These blocks are the foundations of your activity and will allow you to supercharge your activities.

In order to add components to an activity by pressing the / on your keyboard or select the + button to add components. This will provide a dropdown where an instructor can select the components they need to compose their activity. For more information about component blocks, visit the Types of Component Blocks Guide 

Adding Attachments to an Activity inside the Activity Editor

Attachments can be added within the Activity Editor:

  1. Select the Attachment option underneath the Publish button
  2. You will now see an attachment panel on the right side of the Activity Editor with existing attachments 
  3. At the bottom of the attachment panel, there is a button that allows you to upload attachments
  4. Click the attachment button to open the Upload Attachment Modal
  5. You now have the option to upload an attachment either by selecting the browse button which opens up your file manager or by dragging and dropping files in the Upload Attachment modal

Preview an Activity

During or after the activity creation process, an instructor can also preview the student version of the activity by clicking the Preview Student Version button to the left of the Publish button. This allows an instructor to see how a student will see their activity. In addition, the instructor can view and download attachments that the student will see.

If the instructor feels that changes need to be made to the activity, they may toggle back to the Instructor view by selecting the Switch to the Instructor view.

Activity Settings

Instructors can set the Due Date used for their activity by selecting the Settings button in the top left-hand side of the activity editor.

Due Date

The due date section allows the instructor to select the Due Date for the activity. By default, a due date is optional but an instructor can select a due date and have the option to allow students to submit after the due date. 

The due date section also by default, has the allow auto grading submission option selected so that auto-graded code blocks are automatically graded on submission. Unselect this option in order to not automatically grade an activity. 

Activity Sanity Check and Publishing an Activity

Prior to publishing an activity, it is important that the Instructor performs an Activity Sanity check. Use the following steps to confirm the activity is ready to publish

  1. Confirm that an Image has been chosen and that the kernel has been connected
  2. During activity creation, preview the student version of the activity
  3. Confirm that all code blocks are error-free by executing each code block
  4. Confirm all required attachments have been uploaded
  5. Select the Validate All button to validate the activity
  6. View the activity in publish mode
  7. Click the Publish button which will validate all code blocks and publish the activity
  8. The students of the course will now be able to access the activity when navigating to their course 

How to Create an Assignment in Canvas

If your course and organization have been integrated with Canvas. You can use the following steps in the Canvas LMS. For more information on how to integrate Canvas, follow the LTI Integration Guide

  1. Navigate to your Course in Canvas LMS-> Assignments and click the +Assignment button 

2. Name the assignment, change the Submission Type to External Tool, Select the Find button.
3. The Find button will open the Configure External Tool modal and list IllumiDesk as an External Tool. Select the Magnifying glass to the right of the External Tool, IllumiDesk.

4. After clicking the Magnifying glass button, the  Link Resource from External Tool modal will pop up which will list the assignments listed under the linked Course in the IllumiDesk Application


5. Select the appropriate assignment and select Load assignment in a new window button

6. Select Save or Save & Publish 
 7. The assignment should now be listed in the assignment section of your course in the Canvas LMS

8. Select the activity and Click the Load Assignment in a new window button

9. This button will redirect the user to the activity in Illumidesk